Hiring: NLP Team Lead

Warning: not your typical
engineering lead role



This role is responsible for building the dialogue engine for our chatbot and managing the team behind it. You will lead and have ownership over one of the most critical departments of our business. It requires deep knowledge and curiosity concerning NLP/conversational AI and solving open-ended problems with no pre-defined solution. This position offers the exciting opportunity to work with the absolute latest advancements in LLMs.


- Design a custom dialogue engine with multiple components that map to our flowchart and specific use case
- Create models that can understand and respond to customers with realistic congruency to our guidelines
- Hire and manage a team of engineers that you will appoint with the help of the CEO based on your recommendations
- Be responsible for experiments w/ transformer-based models: LLaMA2, WizardLM, FlanT5, and RAG approach; data/resource efficient finetuning (eg: LoRA, p-tuning), few/zero-shot/instruction prompting, and more
- Build components like long/short-term memory, an open-ended dialogue generative model, goal-oriented chatting, intent classifiers, named entity extractors, response ranking
- Have an interest in NSFW LLM and tracking the latest updates
- Conduct experiments with various models and data sets to optimize business results
- Enable the team for data collection with machine learning algorithms and analytics to iterate and improve outcomes
- Integrate 3rd party solutions for generative voice
- Work with the chat experience product team and report directly to the CEO


- At least 4 years of work experience in natural language processing
- At least 2 years of work experience in a managerial role leading a relevant engineering team
- At least 1 year of deep work experience with conversational chatbots and dialogue engines
- Advanced NLP knowledge, including knowing about the latest ideas and reading research papers
- Experience developing AI architectures to scale
- Experience in the NSFW is not required, but you should be ok with the nature of the industry
- Fluent in English. Being bilingual (Russian) is a bonus but not a requirement

Additional Info:

- Salary: flexible range depending on experience + bonus/profit sharing opportunity
- Location: remote w/ option for relocation to Dubai (paid by the company)
- Hours: will become more standardized as the team grows, but flexible so long as the work is completed
- Extras: paid company retreats, learning stipend (education, conferences), home office (or co-working) and technology stipend
- Company: athos.com is our portfolio company - the company this product is for will be revealed during the interview process

Core values:

We don’t believe in listing cliches like integrity, quality, fun, teamwork, or being customer-oriented. Integrity is not something you claim - it’s something you are. Quality is expected. Fun is like being cool - if you have to say it, you aren’t. Teamwork and being customer-oriented are common sense, and you should question any organization that has to highlight the importance of either.Our 8 core values make a person capable and an organization competent:Speed
This is #1 for a reason and will always be #1. Life and business are constant wars against entropy, and momentum is our greatest ally.
With freedom comes responsibility. We trust you to be accountable and fully own your domain. “I don’t know” is never acceptable but “I’ll find out” is.
Brains are great for thinking but not for storing information. We use the GTD method to capture, clarify and organize our tasks and projects into a systemized workflow.
We communicate early, often, thoroughly, and clearly. And feedback in the form of criticism is always welcome but must be accompanied by “why” + an alternative suggestion.
-Everything has layers of intricacy, and it is critical to simplify as much as possible. Focus only on what is necessary.
At its core, we are a data company. We conduct tests, get feedback, iterate and improve based on the numbers.
Death by a thousand cuts is real - misdirected productivity does not equate to results. We prioritize and execute in the correct order.
We play to win. Winning is a habit you will form and keep for the rest of your life.


We are looking to hire this person in September of 2023 and are eager to move quickly. If you are interested in applying, kindly click the button below to continue.